Conquest_ Resource Pack 1.8

Evolve [PEGI] – [PC]


You need to use Optifine or Mcpatcher together with this Resourcepack!

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Optifine/McPatcher required!

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Wanne see past updates? check this link.

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Spoiler Inside: Images SelectShow

For the expert builders and worldedit users out there i
have some cool metadata textures in the pack (you can
place them with //set, /lrbuild and /replace etc. -if you
are playing on a server i recommend this plugin for
better access to the metadatablocks)
click here for referencesheet
Most Images are from my builds on
Feel free to pass by and have a look for yourself.

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Conquest32x32 byStefan Krein is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

62 comments on “Conquest_ Resource Pack

  1. It may just be me but it would appear that the fix for optifine doesn’t work. I’m getting like an “X” shape above grass when I use this resource pack with optifine.

  2. I really like your texture pack it’s really great

    To those who can’t download… It means you just don’t use your eyes and complain “WAIT… It didn’t download, why did I just get back to the site” It’s really in there the “Your download should start automatically, if not click: HERE” is really there, but because you thought that you just got redirected here and noticing the same thing without the download, You won’t really see it.

    Tutorial : -| Too lazy | So I elaborated it -| with pictures

    I also suggest you use because They give twice the amount gives

  3. i downloaded this pack, but when i go into the game it starts in the menu screen and when i click “go back to game” nothing happens.

  4. Hello,

    first i wanted to say that i really like this RP! I`m using it for a while now.

    Just one thing i wanted to mention:
    Your double-plant-textures don`t work. I tried to find out why and noticed a little spelling mistake. In the RP the texture name sais “double_Plant_whatever”. I experimentally changed the name to “double_plant_whatever” (no capital P) and suddenly: FLOWERS :D
    It would be great if you changed that in your pack since your designs look so much better than the original flowers.


  5. I have gotten the update now and it is amazing. I have found one small bug tho, Cobblestone slabs sometimes have a transparent top. The last version I have (3.2) does not have this problem.

    • It worked for me after a couple of tries now (the first two times no ‘skip ad’ button appeared on the adfocus page). I’m glad you got it working, but I would like to heartily suggest just using Adfly like most folks do.

  6. just tried four different browsers and Mac OS X as well…. no luck… Skip button is grey on adfocus site everytime, and infinite loop with no link at bottom of page. Javascript enabled to best of my knowledge. I WANT this texture pack! why is this so difficult!? Can you not send this to me so I can come back and post a good review?

  7. Mac OS X Mountain lion, Google chrome, the link doesn’t work for me either. We are not all stupid, this should work better. We can’t ALL be having brainfarts who can’t start the download. We are are following your directions exactly and no success. :(

    • I think monsterfish_ had changed something in the code. I updated it and it should work now with the text showing “If download does not start click HERE” Hope it works now

  8. I have tried to download the newest pack using Chrome, IE, and Firefox for Windows 8, and none of them will work. Every one will redirect back to this page and will not start the download nor is there a “If download doesn’t start automatically click HERE” link anywhere on the page. I have double checked my javascript settings (always allow javascript as I build webpages using it on occasion) as well as allowed ALL pop ups temporarily to try to download this. None of it has worked. I LOVE this pack, and would just like to keep it up to date with the newest pack. This is by far the best pack out there.

    • I think monsterfish_ had changed something in the code. I updated it and it should work now with the text showing “If download does not start click HERE” Hope it works now

  9. Be careful when downloading this file. Make sure you have your anti-virus running.

    I just downloaded the .zip file for 1.7.2 and AVG flipped shits on me. The file itself is fine, I just scanned it with AVG and Malwarebytes and no threats were found, but the hosting site for the download WILL infect your computer without an up-to-date, working anti-virus.

    I’ll say it again. The file is fine, the file host is evil. Be careful.

    Other than that, I love the pack. Thanks for this.

  10. I used the 1.6.4+ I downloaded as 7.Zip I extracted put it in resource packs used MCpatcher and it doesn’t show up. I still haven’t fully figured out how to properly get texture packs to work and the last one I used was out of luck that it worked. So what am I doing wrong/Not doing to get the texture packs to work?

  11. I keep getting the download pop-up for the 1.6.4 pack instead of the advertised 1.7.2 pack when I click anything to do with the 1.7.2 links. Links seem to redirect to ad site fine, pop-up shows up when I get here fine, but the file I’m asked to download is not what I’m looking for.
    Are these actually the same but misnamed or is there something I’m missing?
    changing browsers does nothing for me.

  12. Is there anyway I can get a direct link so I can easily have my players on my server get this resourcepack, possibly with the music? Since we don’t have a direct link we have to post the link in chat, and its not automatic like in the latest version of minecraft when players join.

      • I understand you make money from the downloads….but what if we worked out some deal? I’d really like to take advantage of the direct link auto install resource packs feature in Minecraft so that all my players have the pack. I am a YouTuber with 21K, and am interested in working out some deal. Skype: spag2010

  13. i clicked on the 1.6.4+ download no installer and it took me to the adfocus site i then clicked skip and it redirected me to here.
    im using chrome java script is on and it didnt promp me to click here if it didnt start so idk whats wrong with it

    • you are right! That’s impossible to download. I’m using Firefox.
      I turned off any kind of popup and scrpits blocker.
      Download never starts! And you reach this page again and again.

      I tried also weeks ago for the previous 1.6.4 version without success.

      PS Will Conquest support Thaumcraft in the future? I hope so.

        • No. I don’t see the “If download does not start click HERE” line anywhere.
          I’m simply redirected here everytime. No download.
          I’m very sad. Conquest deserves to be downloaded like all the other resource pack! With a simple-stupid-easy “click here” button.
          This complex redirecting system from site to site is boring.
          I’m gonna look for Conquest on torrent and p2p…one click bang..done!

          • I’m having this same problem. I’ve disabled adblocker, all that does is allow me to see the phishing ad trying to get me to download a download manager. Hitting the Skip button just puts me in an infinite loop back to this page.

          • After you have clicked “SKIP” the download should automatically start on our page, if not Look at the bottom of the post for “If download doesnt start click HERE”

  14. I’ve more than likely missed something but the link for the download takes me to an AdFocus site ( and once there, my browser will do nothing else. It won’t allow me to download the texture pack and I wasn’t sure if I had missed something vital or if I just was having some odd issue in regards to the link. I’m using Internet Explorer on a Windows 8 laptop. Thanks to anyone who can help me with my issue.

      • Once I’ve clicked the link the browser will open a tab for the AdFocus site but the site will not load, presenting me with a white page and the browser indicating that the page is loaded when in truth, all I have is a blank web page.

        • I went out and downloaded a couple new browsers and found that Mozilla Firefox allowed me to load the AdFocus site and to download the texture pack. I’m guessing that Internet Explorer just has issues with the site so for anyone having issues, try a new browser if you can. Thanks for the help Ravand.

  15. If I may, could I please make a suggestion?
    I would like to see the stained glass to be a bit more translucent.
    Right now, I love their textures but I can’t see much through it :(

    Thanks in advance

  16. No download option. If I click download on the adfocus page it brings up the open downloader manager. Now I’m a computer noob so direct and help? :)

    • The download manager is just ad, you need to click the SKIP button on the top right corner if you do so your download should automatically start, if not there will be a “Click HERE” button at the fist line.

  17. The ad focus link just takes me to another page with an ad focus link, which leads me back here again. Looks like you’re just harvesting clicks with someone elses material. Please send me a direct link through the PMC forum.

    - Mikemc

    • If you have been redirected here through adfocus after clicking the “SKIP” button a download should automatically start for you, if it doesn’t there should be a text displayed saying “If download doesn’t start automatically click HERE”

      If both of these things don’t occure then java script is probably disabled or block on your browser please tell me which browser you are using and also which operating system you are using. We don’t mean to trap you in an adfocus link we just don’t like that people direct link our texture packs.

      Also we are not harvesting clicks from other peoples work here because Monsterfish_ the creator of conquest and me the creator of the ravand’s realistic have directed our adfocus links to this page because we own this page. Makes sense doesn’t it^^ otherwise you wouldn’t land here to begin with.

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