LB Photo Realism Resource Pack 256×256 1.7.9

LB Photo Realism Pack was originally to appease my insatiable hunger toward making this game as realistic as possible. What started as a compilation of other mods became a new resource pack of it’s own.
The 256×256 version of my original mod was suggested by a fellow forum member and finally ate at my brain until it was released.
For sources and further information, visit the forum.
LB Photo Realism, when used with wild grass, allows the biomes to grow plants specific to that region. This has undergone a multitude of testing and the results are phenomenal.

Hate having to use the HD patcher every update?
Vote this up for great justice: HD Texture Support

Out of memory?
Here’s a thread if you are having issues with out of memory error crashes.
Thread Here
It goes into great detail on how to increase your memory allocated to Java.

Experimental compact version here:
This helps reduce the amount of memory that the resource pack uses. It may have some bugs that I never found, but I’d like some people to try nit and see if it fixed their white box issues. =)

In would like to credit Misa for the outstanding job on the mobs. I reallyn love her work so please check her pack out if you have the time.
Forum: HERE

Supported Mods:

These are the current supported textures for some mods. I will be working on expanding this tenfold over the course of this summer. =)

GLSL Height/Specular Maps by Engehenk:
These are the bumpmapping terrains that go along with the GLSL shaders mod (found here). Thanks to Engehenk for his impressive work.

128 version:…/terrain_nh.png

128 version:…8/terrain_s.png

Shaderfiles (these go inside the shaders folder in your minecraft.jar)…/LB/

This is a download link that is compatible with the modloader version of wildgrass. I’m not sure if I’ll ever include into the actual downloads since it is just more to download. Anyway, enjoy!
Modders thread: http://www.minecraft…p?f=25&t=100771

This is support for Dilla’s wildcaves which is simply wildgrass in the version of stalagmites/stalactites growing in caves.
His mod can be found in the link below
Modders thread: http://www.minecraft…ic.php?t=286605

This was fan made by the modder and I really encourage fans making this compatible with mods to lessen the work load for me.

Modders thread: http://www.minecraft…81-compblox-v2/

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