Ravand’s realistic 1.8

Ravand’s realistic resource pack

• Supported Mods:
-Connected Textures Mod 
-Aether Mod

• Update Log:

An update log can be found here:

• Install my resource pack:
-First of all download my resource pack from the Download section and save it to your Minecraft resource pack folder. If you dont know how to locate the ressource pack folder simply start Minecraft, go to “Mods and resource packs” and  click on “Open Ressource Pack folder”. Do not extract the zip file just put the .zip file in it!

-Since this a 64×64 resource pack you will need to install OptiFine with Magic Launcher. If you have downloaded Magic Launcher and Optifine * Standard version, simply start Magic Launcher and click on “SETUP” there you will be able to click “ADD” to browse to the Optifine zip which you have downloaded before. If Optifine Standard is loaded into the list you can simply press OK and log into Minecraft via Magic Launcher

-If you are now in Minecraft click on “Mods and resource packs” and select my resource pack (this may lag your Minecraft for a few seconds so don’t worry). •

• Download resource pack:
• Terms of Use:

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This resource pack is provided for personal use only. This resource pack must not be distributed (in whole or part) for commercial or personal benefits purposes without giving credit to the original owner. All other uses of this resource pack (including parts), particularly for commercial or financial purposes (e.g adf.ly links) are strictly forbidden or have to be arranged with the original owner.


Normal resolutions:

Ravand’s 64×64 realistic HD resource pack (Adfoc.us Link)

Ravand’s 32×32 realistic HD resource pack (Adfoc.us Link)

Ravand’s 16×16 realistic HD resource pack (Adfoc.us Link)

Very high resolution:

Ravand’s 256×256 realistic HD resource pack (Adfoc.us Link)

Ravand’s 128×128 realistic HD resource pack (Adfoc.us Link)

17 comments on “Ravand’s realistic

  1. ok.. i had the text pack for version 1.5.2…. it was great…. looking to get one that works for mine craft version 1.7.4.. Will your text pack 1.7.2 work on 1.7.4?…..Second question.. Optifine.. the newest version that i can find is 1.6… Will that work or do I need everything to be 1.7.4? Sorry I’m not total computer savey…

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